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You and your wife want to find condoms that are terrible to change the wind in the couple relationship without knowing which types and where Hanoi sell the best. Today we will introduce to customers the address of selling terrible condom in Hanoi for your reference

The Hanoi condom shop specializes in distributing the best genuine spiny-ribbed condoms today such as: ball condoms, super gold condoms, potty condoms, gold prickly condoms, Gold condom …



The reason why you should buy at our Hanoi condom shop


All products at the Hanoi adult shop are genuine of the most famous condom companies such as: sagami, Durex condom, boss condom, volcanol condom. , condoms good times … Our shop is confident that it is the biggest condom shop in Hanoi in particular and nationwide in general.

All products have an invoice for the product’s origin. We are committed not to sell counterfeit and shoddy products. If you find out that we sell counterfeit products, we will refund 5 times more to you and take responsibility before the law.

The reason why you should buy at our Hanoi condom shop

The address to sell condom, Hanoi

Full range of giant spiny condoms

The Hanoi Condom Shop always has special promotions for customers “buy 5 get 1 free” applied to all existing products of the shop. Especially with the very attractive “1 for 1” policy. For example, when you buy a condom product at our shop, the shop will let the customer try a condom. If you do not like this condom, you can completely change to a condom product. su differs from the same price.


Because condoms and supporting products are generally a sensitive eye, many people are afraid to go into the shop to buy. That’s why we have developed a very professional online sales network. Just sit at home, visit Website: then order the product you want to buy. We will check your order very quickly and will call you back to confirm your order. We will ensure confidentiality of your order and confidentiality for customers.


Currently the line of condoms with terrible tendons is divided into two main categories: disposable condoms and disposable condoms. We will in turn introduce to customers details of each type for your reference to buy yourself a kind of condom like the most satisfying.

The address to sell condom, Hanoi

Condoms for repeated use:

There are many types of condoms for multiple use are sold in our shop such as: Vibrating head condoms, dragon vibrating condoms, vibrating penis … The weakness of these condoms is that they are reusable and the products are usually 3 – 5 cm thick, so it has the effect of enlarging and lengthening the penis, helping the gentleman to be confident in his “little boy”. The product also helps women feel more excited, making it easier for her to orgasm. Because of using many times, these condoms are often used with lubricating gel to help ease during sex, helping her to no longer feel uncomfortable burning.

Note when using condoms for multiple uses:

do not share it with others to avoid getting sexually transmitted diseases

Do not wash the product with hot water but only wash the product with cold water to avoid damaging the silicon part to help use the product more durable.

About 5 times of use, it is advisable to wash the product once with alcohol solution to help clean and not discolor.

Keep out of reach of CHILDREN

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

Disposable condoms:

The disposable condom can only be used once, and can not be used over and over again. The most prominent is the condoms with huge spikes. This product line is made in Japan, produced on Japan’s most advanced modern technology. Super gold condom has a beard, large spines run from the top of the body down to the end of the condom, helping to increase the friction so that she has the most orgasmic stimuli. The product is suitable for couples who want to change the wind, want to feel strange, we recommend using our super gold condom, this terrible tragedy for the most fulfilled married life.

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