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You are looking to buy sagami 001 in hai Phong. Starting in 2013, Sagami Rubber Industries Ltd has launched to the market the thinnest condom line in the world, the thinnest condom with a thickness of only 0.01mm, called Sagami Original 0.01 Let’s learn about the product with shopthanhtung. !

Condom details Sagami Original 0.01 in hai Phong

Sagami Original 0.01 condom super thin in the world

Made in Japan

Brand: Sagami

Material: Poly Urethane

Thickness: Ultra thin, thinnest in the world, only 0.01mm, equal to 1/6 of the diameter of human hair.

Feature: Hai Phong ultra-thin condom gives a real feeling like non-protective sex.

Size: Length 20cm, diameter 52mm.

Lubricant: There are many.

Ribs, thorns, smells: Not available.

What are the outstanding properties of the Sagami Original 0.01 condom?

Sagami Original 0.01 Condom is the thinnest condom in the world today and belongs to the high-end condom line with a thickness of 0.01mm, only 1/6 of the diameter of a human hair, providing unmatched heat transfer. and help couples experience a natural intimate feeling like not using a “raincoat”.

High quality Poly Urethane material ensures a long life, can withstand 3 times the pressure, and is 2 times more tough than other products.

Sagami Original 0.01 condom also has a lubricant-based silicone that makes your love much wetter and more enjoyable, especially useful for women with vaginal dryness, avoiding burning pain, bring fullness to both during sexual intercourse.

Sagami Original 0.01 is made to serve the VIP, class, business people, the rich and it is also a luxury gift that people give to each other on special occasions.

In short, the Sagami Original 0.01 condom possesses 10 of the most outstanding strengths, making the product always in the top 5 best selling ultra-thin condoms in the world.

Ultra-thin (0.01mm)

Extremely fast heat transfer.

A 0.01 condom can withstand the pressure 3 times, stretch 2 times.

Does not react with lubricants of all kinds.


Transparent, authentic.

Long service life.

Does not cause allergies.


Most popular.

Some notes when using a condom Sagami Original 0.01 in hai Phong

The use and preservation of the Sagami condom in hai Phong is exactly the same as using other regular condoms.

There is a note you need to remember, because the price of this product purchased in Hai Phong is too expensive, so the Sagami Original 0.01 condom is almost not popular in our country.

At we have imported some of the best sample Sagami Original 0.01 condoms with super fast delivery in Hai Phong to bring a new experience to our customers.

You can also refer to the same product line with a better price than the original 0.02 sagami condom We wish you a happy and safe use of the Sagami 0.01 condom!

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