You are in Hanoi and do not know where to sell genuine and ultra-thin condoms IN HA NOI? This is probably the answer that many of you are looking for. So today, Hanoi condom shop would like to introduce to you our address to sell thin and genuine condoms. Currently on the market, although many establishments sell rubber boards and ancillary products, but not all addresses are reliable, selling genuine, with invoices of origin. We have registered a business license and tax code issued by the Hanoi Ministry of Industry and Trade at the Hanoi condom shop. All of our products are genuine, with red invoice proving the product’s origin. Here, Hanoi adult shop would like to introduce to our customers the address of selling super thin condoms in Hanoi and our typical products.



The Hanoi condom shop is the largest wholesale, retail and distributor of many ultra thin condom brands nationwide. Coming to Hanoi condom shop you will buy genuine products with the cheapest price

Shop commits that all ultra-thin condom products sold in the shop system are genuine, if detecting counterfeit shop, please take full responsibility for customers.

Due to the fact that counterfeit products are blooming, many establishments selling ultra-thin condoms are counterfeit. So to ensure that you can buy a super thin condom, you should only buy at reputable establishments with a commitment to quality. Do not buy from online stores that do not have a specific store address. If the goods are not guaranteed for quality, you cannot return the goods, you should not buy goods here to avoid buying counterfeit goods.

The Hanoi condom shop


The Hanoi condom shop specializes in distributing thin, ultra-thin condoms that are the most popular today. Typically, Durex Fetherlite Utima genuine condom products of famous Durex firm are manufactured in Thailand and imported via official route to Vietnam. Is the most typical super thin product of Durex. Or Okamoto condom product of famous Japanese okamoto brand, sagami xtreme condom of famous Sagami company also in Japan. Most of these products are ultra-thin with a thickness of 0.02mm – 0.03mm will definitely give you the truest feeling. Not only are they super thin, but these products also contain 5-10% more lubricant than other common condoms to help you avoid pain and burning.



Usually other shops when you buy at least 500k or more to ship, but when you come to the Hanoi condom shop, when you buy from 300k or more, the shop will ship in the city of Hanoi. Under 300k shop will have a specific ship price for each different location. After ordering about 30 minutes, we will deliver products to your hands.

Shop for adults in Hanoi also takes delivery nationwide. We will ship the goods to you by post, after about 2 days you will receive the product. We will pack your products carefully and keep your customer information confidential so you can feel secure when buying products from the shop.



Hanoi Adult Shop also always has special promotions to thank customers who have trusted in using products. Buy from 5 products or more you will receive a product of the same type. If in the process of using the product, you find that the product is defective, the customer can also change to another product.

As a famous manufacturer in the world, you can completely trust its products. To avoid buying counterfeit, poor quality goods, please contact our adult shop to own a genuine product in Hanoi.

With over 5 years in this field, we have a lot of experience as well as the customer care team of the Hanoi condom shop who are always enthusiastic to advise customers on the most satisfactory products.

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