Hanoi condom shop specializes in distributing genuine condom products

Hanoi condom shop specializes in distributing genuine condom products, the only address in Hanoi. Our shop is one of the pioneers in the first genuine condom business in Hanoi. Our products all have invoices and vouchers to prove the origin of the source of goods, the Shop is not for high profit but sells products that are fake goods, poor quality goods, with no clear origin. Here, Hanoi adult shop would like to introduce to you the address of selling genuine condoms in Hanoi so that you can refer to:


Hanoi condom shop
Hanoi condom shop


The genuine Durex condom products of the shop are committed to being a genuine product of the famous Durex company in the world. Shop is proud to be the main distributor of this product. Typical products such as: durex performa condom, DUREX Kingtex condom, DUREX Fetherlite Ultima condom …. etc. Each Durex condom will have different features and uses to give you the best customer experience. For example, durex performa condom is a product line to prolong sex to help men no longer fear of premature ejaculation. Or the DUREX Kingtex condom product line is suitable for men with a smaller penis than normal, with D = 49 mm will give you the closest feeling, no longer afraid of the situation when wearing a condom. in the extra “long distance”



Our shop is also a primary distributor of this world famous Sagami. Everyone knows that in Japan, this genuine Sagami condom is more famous. Why do Japanese people prefer to use this condom. Because the product has outstanding features that normal condoms cannot have. For example: Sagami original 0.02 is the thinnest condom in the world today, with a thickness of only 0.02 mm will give you a feeling of authenticity than ever. Not only are they super thin, but they also transfer heat very well to make you feel like you’re not wearing a condom. The company also launched condoms with unique scent such as sagami xtreme condoms with sweet cocacola taste that will make love more sweet, romantic … etc

Genuine Japanese condom


Jex condom products of Japan are also a famous product of Jex. This product focuses on thinness to help you experience a better product. In the Japanese market, this Jex condom is also quite popular. Being imported to Vietnam by the official official route allowed by the health ministry, you can completely trust and experience the product better. The Hanoi adult shop is also a leader in this product. You can refer to the Jex condom directory for more information.



In Vietnam, in the condom field, in general, we have not developed as much as other advanced countries. Our products also produce only a few affordable products to serve domestic customers. Although the product is mainly for the domestic people, it is not so that the product loses its position. Typically the product line of ok condoms, vip condoms … Most of these products are produced for free, which is a very effective contraceptive today. The ok condom company also has many types, usually scent products such as apple flavor, strawberry flavor, fruit flavor … etc Because the price is very affordable, only about 10k / box of 3 products, so This product is being consumed strongly by the Vietnamese market

On here, Hanoi condom shop would like to offer some typical products and are genuine so that you can refer and buy yourself a genuine product. Enthusiastic and dedicated sales consultant will make customers satisfied

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